Reyna Spears: “5 Weeks at 30 West Fit”

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Editor’s Note: Singer/songwriter, actress and entrepreneur Reyna Spears has joined the Live, Laugh, Learn TV team as a co-host and a columnist. Here is her first article, detailing the newest chapter in her wellness journey.

By Reyna Spears

It’s been five weeks since I started working with personal trainer, Dominic Anastasio, at 30 West Fit (  In five weeks, I lost five pounds and, most importantly, feel more energy, focus and motivation. The work is hard, the will power is essential, and the commitment is a critical.  Watching my weight slowly drop and knowing I’m not just losing water weight, makes it worthwhile. I am on a journey and making progress each day.

For years, I’ve tried to lose the extra weight that has slowly crept up on me for the past decade.  I would spend five to eight hours a week working out. I would do my best to eat healthy – most of the time.  Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t lose any weight or see much visible progress. I felt stronger and knew I had more endurance; however, I just couldn’t get my body to cooperate and tone up.  

I am now seeing the figurative light at the end of the tunnel!  Thanks to Dominic’s nutrition plan, I am finally slowly losing fat to reveal the muscles I’ve been working on for all these years.   When I first saw Dominic’s customized nutrition plan my first thought was, “What? That’s all I get to eat?” However after even just the first day on it, I realized it was plenty to eat.  I just had to control myself long enough to not let myself grab a snack the first minute I felt hungry. I’ve grown to realize that most of the time that I thought I was hungry, I was really just thirsty.  A 20-ounce water chug is great to squelch the munchies!

I’ve also learned to change my perspective on hunger.  I used to eat as soon as I felt even a little hungry. To me, hunger was a bad feeling that should be dealt with as soon as possible.  Now, I’ve learned to know that hunger is a basic body function and it means that my body is doing what it is supposed to be doing. I don’t need to eat the second I feel hungry just like I don’t need to sleep the second I feel tired.  I’ve learned the importance of eating foods that will fuel my body with good energy. It wasn’t an easy thing to learn and I’m still learning it and some days are a real struggle; however, I’m determined and I’m committed to transform my body and be comfortably confident in my skin.

 The workouts with Dominic are incredibly fun.  Not easy, but definitely fun. I’ve always loved working out, but Dominic’s customized workout plan takes working out to the next level.  The one on one guidance makes it possible to push yourself to do those last three reps when your body is already burning. Most importantly, Dominic is always watching to make sure you have good form to prevent injury.  

Five weeks have passed since I first met with Dominic.  There have been times in these last five weeks that I felt so discouraged, but he was there to encourage me to “stick to the plan.” And as long as I would stick to the plan, sure enough at my weekly weigh in, I’d realize I lost more weight.

I’m excited about what the next five weeks will bring. Hopefully I’ll lose another five pounds, and continue to gain muscle tone and strength. As long as I “stick to the plan,” I’m confident I will succeed.  Dominic is as committed to my fitness goals as I am. That is why he is such a great personal trainer!   Contact 30 West Fit today for your free consultation and see how far you can go.       


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  1. Andy Baxter

    Awesome article and were here right by seeing your transformation. Meeting you and getting out like we do now has transformed myself for the better. Keep it up and look forward to hearing more about it.

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